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Who Are We?

Meet the ladies behind the vision of Grief & Hope Connect. We are passionate about equipping people to come alongside grievers.

Catina Light

Catina is the Executive Director and Co-founder of Grief and Hope Connect. She is passionate about honest, vulnerable, taboo conversations about hard things. She has experienced many losses and has been deeply shaped by the pain and hope that ensued.  She  believes that most people want to help those who are hurting in their lives they just don't know how. She can't stand when people complain about problems and don't offer solutions.  Grief and Hope Connect was born on the couch in Alice Staley's living room, just two grievers hurting and seeing a need, and wanting to be part of the solution.  Our mission is to equip, empower and educate the non griever to come alongside the griever in a helpful way. Catina is a wife, a mom, a foster mom, an artist, a speaker, a Jesus worshiper, a goofball and a person who is passionate about emotional and spiritual healing. 

Catina is an (INELDA) trained End Of Life Doula, a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®, and an Ordained Chaplin.

Alice Staley

Alice Staley is the co-founder of Grief and Hope Connect and serves as the secretary and as one of our board members. Alice has gone through one of the grief recovery method support groups as well as hosting and being an important part of many Grief and Hope Connect events. Alice has had to navigate many losses and has been a champion of finding healing and hope not only for herself but has encouraged others to do the same. Alice is a dedicated mom and grandmom, she loves to chat with strangers and makes new friends easily. Alice has the gift of hospitality, and is always willing to host friends, especially when watching classic musicals is involved. She is a wonderful listener, and is always quick to offer a hug and some encouraging words. 

Jill Buhay

Jill has a desire to see people find healing and hope in Christ. She has a Masters degree in Counseling from Biblical Seminary. Jill has been shaped by many personal losses but continues to pursue her faith and healing in an authentic way. She is a wife, a mom and a speaker of truth and hope. She is passionate about ending the stigma surrounding Infertility and Grief. She wants to be part of the solution and help connect people with the support they need on life's difficult journeys.

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