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Greif & Hope Connect Groups

Our grief groups meet throughout the year and is an invaluable resources. We use "The Grief Recovery Method" with a certified trainer running our groups. If you have experienced any type of loss these groups will do more than help you grieve. They will educate and equip you to empower yourself and others during times of grief. We all will experience grief multiple times in our lifetimes so, why not do it together? Check out our Events page for our next group.

The Grief Recovery Method® Support Group

Our The Grief Recovery Method® support groups provide a safe environment for you to look at your old beliefs about dealing with loss, which losses have affected your life, and take actions that will lead you to complete unresolved emotions that may still be causing you pain.

  • It’s an action-based group that involves reading and writing assignments outlined in The Grief Recovery Handbook – 20th Anniversary Expanded Edition.
  • It’s not a drop in group. You’ll either do an 8-week group format or a 7-week one-on-one format depending on your preference and availability.
  • Each Grief Support Group is facilitated by one of our Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®. Specialists come from all walks of life and professional backgrounds, but have on thing in common: a desire to help people.
  • For more information on upcoming groups click here.
  • To contact us for more information click here.
  • To sponsor a griever to attend a Grief Recovery Support Group run by Grief and Hope Connect, click here.

Need Help? Contact Us

You don't need to suffer alone. Let us help you, work though your grief and find emotional completion. The first step isn't easy but we believe you can be brave, you don't need to stay stuck in your pain.

Fill out this simple form and we will be in contact with you.  We are always working on putting together Grief  Recovery Support Groups but we also offer individual grief work.


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