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Cry Friendliness Rating for Local Businesses & Restaurants

Have you ever wanted to have a quiet meal with a friend who is hurting?

You know it's importation to pick a place that has the right vibe, let us help you with that. Ratings are based out of 4 possible STARS.

Sensitive Staff

I know you would never normally think of Red Robin as an appropriate place to have a quiet delicate conversation. It's true the TV's are literally everywhere and the atmosphere is loud and bustling with distractions. I had a meal here as I was literally coming undone emotionally.  Major props to my friend Rachel, who got me out of the house and wasn't intimidated by my weepyness.  We sat in the back at the tables by the bar, as the waitress approached at one point during our meal we were both crying. "Happy Tears", she said with a question in her voice, "no" we promptly said not making eye contact. The waitress then returned with a complimentary shot for both of us, it was so sweet and thoughtful of her. I am still blown away by the customer service we received that night, and by the fact that my friend took the time to care and shed some tears with me. 3.5 STARS

Hardware aisle

No one goes into a Walmart with the intention to cry.  Sometimes as a foster parent you get phone calls that drastically change the course of your family's life. I got one such call while in the hardware isle at the Harleysville, PA Walmart. As I cried happy/relieved tears in the isle, I felt a sense of safety and privacy. I got zero condemning looks from the duct tape, and the paint samples were happy to offer support and solidarity. If you do find yourself crying in a Walmart, I highly recommend the hardware aisle in Harleysville. 3.0 STARS

Public Center

Wow, this place is half gym, half cafe,  some apartments, and a bit food pantry all in one location. There are lots of people moving about some going to the gym some getting snacks at the cafe.  There really isn't anywhere to hide your face from people when blubbering, as much as I tell myself not to be ashamed for my tears I still very badly want to hide. At one point a woman approached our table and without appearing to notice my fluorescent red eyes, brought 2nd breakfast for my son, for free. I thought that was kind and the people, in general, were very nice. I would not recommend this place for a quiet delicate conversation or weep fest, there is just too much going on to be private.  2 STARS


First of all this place is really challenging to navigate at one point I felt like a rat trapped in a maze.  They had a hard time scanning my YMCA badge and took about 20 min to get it squared away. When I finally found the Child Watch room after asking for help, they told me I couldn't drop my son off and stay in the building, they considered that "leaving the building". I looked the woman in the eyes and said for real and could not fight back the tears I literally broke down in front of her. She was sweet the childcare worker she offered my alternative ideas and tried to calm me. I grabbed my son and cried the whole maze out of the gym and into the other area of the building for my meeting. read the above review.  This place made me love my home YMCA that much more. The worker was sensitive and tried to help so for her effort they get 2 STARS.


I probably cry the most in my beautiful blue Sienna Mini-Van. It really works best when I'm riding passenger and can look out the window pretending to look at the scenery.  were normally moving fast enough that I have never gotten judgmental looks from onlookers. Maybe it's the way I feel supported in the seat that really opens me up emotionally. He's a good listener too, he never interrupts and if I have the window down he even dried my tears, no tissues needed. A van is a great place to have a deep conversation and offers little distraction or outside noise. Having light music playing will help you fight the urge to fill the silence. I cannot recommend the Sienna enough for deep quiet conversations in a safe environment I give it 4 STARS.

Collegeville Italian Deli

dining room

Crying while eating is an art in and of it's self, not to brag. I was eating here with a friend, who has now cried with me at multiple public meals, possibly the sign of a true lovely friend. It's loud and cramped in the dining room but it has a bit of a Philly vibe, by that i mean people Keep to themselves and don't but into you business. So somehow it's kinda private. there all multiple loud T.V.s which normally I hate but if your a loud crier makes this the perfect place to let it go. The lighting could be darker and more protective. In all 3 STARS it would be a great place to loud cry in public.

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